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You Might Be A Liberal…

Twitter was just overflowing today with #YouMightBeALiberal hashtag tweets.  I’ve seen pages of these on a few other blogs and I just had to put a few of my favorites on my blog.


If you think caricatures of Obama are treasonous but pictures of George W. Bush as Hitler are protected speech.
If you’re against school voucher program for inner cities but have your kids attend private school.
If you are for abortions but against the death penalty.
If you believe we can’t drill out way out of an oil crisis, but we can spend our way out of an economic one.
If you’re surprised a conservative U.S. Congressman has an economics degree.  With highest honors.
If you believe words will protect our borders.
If you believe a performance artist no one watches has a right to receive taxpayer subsidies.
If your news source is a comedy show.
If you think someone who disagrees with you must be silenced.
If you believe one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
If you believe capitalism oppresses people and socialism liberates people.
If you call for shared sacrifice while forgetting to mention that 48% of Americans pay no taxes.
If you support welfare for illegal immigrants who pay no taxes.
If you believe Saddam, Castro and Kim Jong Il were fairly elected, but George W. Bush was not.
If you think the U.S. has 57 states.
If you believe the Constitution is alive but unborn babies are not.
If every discussion about Obama’s policy ends with you calling someone a racist.
If you believe the Aids virus is spread through a lack of federal funding.
If you try to sell the goofy meme that either Jesus or Reagan would have ever supported your repulsive Marxist ideas.
If you’re scared that cow farts are going to melt the polar ice caps.
If you know Hitler was a vicious murderer, but wear a Che Guevara t-shirt.
If you have no economic plan that doesn’t include a tax increase.
If you think asking citizens to speak English is racist.

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