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Voter Fraud: The Voting Dead


Despite numerous reports to the contrary, Democrats are always quick to say there is no voter fraud occurring and they scoff at those who claim otherwise.  Apparently, they aren’t able to read.  In less than a minute I grabbed links to news items and posts about vote fraud here, here, here, here, here and here.  And now a news story has come out in North Carolina detailing hundreds of cases of people who might have voted in more than one state and some people who somehow managed to cast a vote after they died. 

Fox News – State elections officials said Wednesday that they’re investigating hundreds of cases of voters who appear to have voted in two states and several dozen who appear to have voted after their deaths.

State lawmakers last year mandated the State Board of Elections to enter into an “Interstate Crosscheck” – a compact of 28 states that agreed to check their voter registration records against those of other states.

The program is run by a Kansas consortium, checking 101 million voter records.

State Board of Elections Executive Director Kim Westbrook Strach said North Carolina’s check found 765 registered North Carolina voters who appear to match registered voters in other states on their first names, last names, dates of birth and the final four digits of their Social Security numbers. Those voters appear to have voted in North Carolina in 2012 and also voted in another state in 2012.

“Now we have to look individually at each one,” Strach said. “Could there have been data error?”

The crosscheck also found 35,570 voters in North Carolina who voted in 2012 whose first names, last names and dates of birth match those of voters who voted in other states in 2012, but whose Social Security numbers were not matched.

WRAL – Strach also said a “10-year death audit” found 13,416 deceased voters who had not been removed from voter rolls as of October 2013. Eighty-one of those individuals, she said, died before an election in which they are recorded as having voted.

Strach cautioned that about 30 of those 81 voters appear to have legally cast their votes early via absentee ballot and then died before Election Day.

However, she said, “There are between 40 and 50 [voters] who had died at a time that that’s not possible.”

“We have the ‘Walking Dead,’ and now we’ve got the ‘Voting Dead,'” said Sen. Bob Rucho, R-Mecklenburg. “I guess the reason there’s no proof of voter fraud is because we weren’t looking for it.”

Liberals will always say there is no voter fraud taking place because they know that virtually all the fraud that has been discovered and even documented on video benefitted the Democrat on the ballot.  If they believed for even a second that voter fraud was benefitting the Republicans, they’d be screaming bloody murder and demanding that something be done about it, such as requiring photo identification when voting.  But instead, they file lawsuits against laws requiring such, and even Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have gone to court to fight against state laws requiring photo ID.  They claim it disenfranchises minority voters because a large percentage of them don’t have photo identification and can’t afford to get one.  Those claims are laughable and insulting to minorities.  First, how many adults are able to make it through life without a photo ID of some kind?  Driving, cashing a check, getting a library card, buying alcohol or cigarettes, flying, opening a bank account, applying for food stamps, buying/renting a house, getting married, renting a hotel room and picking up a prescription are just a few of the many things for which photo identification is required.  But not to vote for the people who run our cities, states and country?  Secondly, I have read the laws requiring photo ID to vote as passed by several state legislatures and every one of them had provisions for providing free state issued photo identification for the purpose of voting.  Free.  Democrats absolutely love getting free stuff from the government, but apparently Eric Holder and the rest of them think this is one free item they will turn down.  But let’s be clear here, they aren’t turning down a free photo ID because they’re tired of mooching off the government.  They’re turning it down because they want the laws requiring photo ID when voting to be eliminated, and some have been.  They want the voter fraud to continue.

I have always held the belief that a large percentage of people who live off the government do not really need to.  They take welfare, food stamps, free phones, rent assistance and many other things for free, paid for by your tax dollars and mine.  This makes them thieves.  They are stealing from us and have no compunction for doing so.  Voter fraud is just another form of theft.  Committing voter fraud is to steal an honest election from everyone else.  Should we be surprised that the political party who steals from us through taxes in order to buy off their constituents fights tooth and nail to allow those constituents to commit voter fraud and steal elections?  I consider it to be unorganized crime, with two groups of thieves who buy each other off so that each group can continue to benefit.  One group steals tax dollars and the other group steals elections.  It’s a symbiotic relationship between unethical and dishonest people and it will continue indefinitely, and all the while they will smile and tell the rest of us that it isn’t happening.  And remember, being dead is no excuse for not voting Democrat!

2 comments to Voter Fraud: The Voting Dead

  • I have to laugh whenever I hear liberals trying to explain away voter fraud and the simple solution that would fight the problem. The first thing they start crying about is racism. That is always their first defense.

    All of the things you mentioned are true. Photo ID is a must in our society. For it not to be a requirement to cast a vote in any election is simply unreasonable.

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