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Verizon: Profiting From Child Themed Pornography

Keyboard-Porn-buttonIf you have service with Verizon you might want to rethink that.  The broadband and telecommunications giant has been named to Morality in Media’s 2014 Dirty Dozen list for providing hard-core porn with child and incest themes.  Verizon’s video on demand service provides videos such as “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Pigtail Teens Pounded” and “Mom, Daughter and Me.”  This wholesome family entertainment is provided by Verizon not only on your television, but on smartphones and tablets if you have them as your Internet Service Provider.  Providing pornography was defended by Verizon’s Associate Director for Advertising and Content Standards, John P. Artney, who said, “Consumers today have extraordinary choice in and control over the content available to them across these networks.  The explosion in choice is a tremendous benefit to customers, but not all consumers want to have access to all content for themselves and their families all of the time.  Not all content is desirable to or appropriate for all consumers, however, and Verizon is proud to provide our customers with myriad tools to control the types of content that they and their families have access to through our service.” 

In a letter to Verizon board members, Morality in Media President & CEO Patrick Trueman asked the question that really sums up the situation, saying, “How could anyone or any company assert that child sex fantasy pornography or pseudo child pornography is a benefit to anyone in a decent society?”

This is quite the turnaround for Verizon, who just a few short years ago was publicly partnering with Sprint and Time Warner Cable to combat child pornography and funding efforts to remove online child porn created and distributed by their users.  Apparently, child pornography disseminated by their customers is objectionable, but providing pseudo child porn videos themselves is just fine.  Got it. 

Verizon’s Terms and Conditions page has an entire section devoted to reporting incidents of child pornography.  How can anyone be expected to take them seriously when they make money providing porn with child and incest themes?  verizon_child_porn

For the record, I do not and have never had service with Verizon and after reading about the smut they peddle, I never will.  The unfortunate thing, though, is that in this day and age, with licentiousness and immorality becoming more prevalent with every day that goes by, the day may come when finding service providers that don’t sell child sex pornography will be an impossible task.  As businesses like Verizon see dollar signs and make the decision to sell smut, others will see the profit to be made and may follow suit.  Companies that provide child themed smut like Verizon may be walking a microscopically thin line of legal propagation of pornography, but, to my mind, they are no better than the purveyors of child pornography who prey not only on children, but on the basest cravings of the sick individuals who see children as objects of sexual desire.  The sick individuals in charge at Verizon might as well partner up with the underground child porn industry.  I am sure they have a lot of the same names on their customer lists.

2 comments to Verizon: Profiting From Child Themed Pornography

  • That is absolutely disgusting. I did not know this about Verizon, but I am glad I am with AT&T.

    More and more, we are seeing child pornography becoming spread wider across our country, indeed, across the world. There is a movement underway to portray children having sex with adults as a normal method of exploring their sexuality. They even claim there are no harmful effects from such despicable acts. It truly shows just how depraved our society is becoming.

    • Indeed, coming right on the tails of mainstreaming homosexuality is the movement to ‘normalize’ child-adult sex. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.

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