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U.S. State Department Promoting Islam

islamThe United States Embassy in Prague has been financing a project run by a Muslim Advocacy Group, the goal of which is to promote Islam in public elementary and secondary schools across the Czech Republic.  The project is called Muslims in the Eyes of Czech Schoolchildren and has been authorized by the Czech Ministry of Education to organize lectures and seminars aimed at “teaching Czech schoolchildren about Islamic beliefs and practices” and “fighting stereotypes and prejudices about Muslims.”

This is being reported by the Gatesone Institute, an International Policy Council chaired by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

Gatesone Institute – The group’s website says the first phase of the project involves “analyzing the accuracy of the information about Islam in Czech textbooks on history, geography and social sciences, and mapping the level of teaching about Islam in Czech grammar schools and other secondary schools.”

The second phase of the project involves the implementation of a three-level program that will “acquaint both pupils and teachers with Islam and Muslims” and help them to develop better “critical reception skills” when analyzing supposedly Islamophobic information.

According to the group’s website:

“The first level acquaints the reader with the history of Islam, the basic religious concepts of tradition and contemporary issues such as family [Sharia] law, the veiling of women and Islamophobia.”

“The second level offers a deeper look at the issues and puts more emphasis on the involvement of the pupils.… Pupils will be divided into three groups within which they will study any of the following topics: the veiling of women, media coverage of Islam and Muslims in the Czech Republic. Each group will be led by an experienced tutor, who will acquaint students with the problems by means of prepared materials and subsequent debate.”

“The third level provides schools with artistically oriented projects or discussions with Muslims and professionals dealing with Islam. Artistic activities would involve making a film or taking photographs focused on a day in the life of a Muslim or art workshops and competitions focused on the possibility of integrating Muslims into Czech society.”

The group also organizes thematic lectures, workshops and debates for schools or groups of students, many of which are held at the Municipal Library in Prague—and which are more openly geared toward converting Czech youth to Islam.

The group recently ran an advertisement promising to pay 250 Czech korunas ($13 dollars) to any student aged 15 to 18 years who would agree to attend a two-hour presentation about Islam.

The ad—which indicates that the American embassy in Prague was financing the April 2 event—states: “Event will take place at a school in New Butovice (7 minutes’ walk from the metro station). You get a brief introduction to Islam through which you can learn more about the veiling of Muslim women, media coverage and Muslims in the Czech Republic. Then you will have the opportunity to meet with Amirah, a Malaysian Muslim who is studying medicine in Prague, and to ask her everything you want about Islam or Muslim life in the Czech Republic.”

The Czech Republic isn’t the only European country in which our tax dollars are promoting Islam.

Israel Matzav – In Austria, the U.S. Embassy in Vienna sponsored a film contest in February on the theme of “Diversity and Tolerance” aimed at teaching wayward Austrians that they should show respect for Muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate into their society.

Ambassador William Eacho, an Obama campaign fundraiser turned political appointee, awarded the first prize to a group of students in the northern Austrian town of Steyr who produced a one-minute silent film promoting tolerance for Muslim women who wear Islamic face-covering veils such as burkas in public spaces.

Not only are U.S. tax dollars being used to promote Islam, but our diplomats are being sent on apology tours.  The Gatesone Institute reports that the U.S. Ambassador to Spain met with a group of Muslim immigrants in Barcelona to apologize for American foreign policymaking in the Middle East.

In Dublin, Ireland, The U.S. Embassy sponsored a seminar designed to help Muslim immigrants increase their influence in the Irish business and financial communities.  If that is even needed or desired, shouldn’t the Irish be doing that; not the U.S. Embassy?

In Paris, France, the U.S. Embassy reached out to Muslims in an effort to make them more politically active.

Gatesone Institute – In France, the U.S. Embassy in Paris co-sponsored a seminar to teach Muslims in France how they can politically organize themselves. Operatives from the Democratic Party coached 70 Muslim “diversity leaders” from disaffected Muslim-majority suburban slums known as banlieues on how to develop a communications strategy, raise funds and build a political base.

The French government — which has been trying to reverse the pernicious effects of decades of state-sponsored multiculturalism — expressed dismay at what it called “meddling.”

And in Belgium, U.S. Ambassador Howard Gutman told lawyers at a conference in Brussels that Israel is to blame for Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe.

These are but a few of the examples I found which show the U.S. State Department is spending our tax dollars not only to promote Islam and assist with encouraging students to convert to Islam, but to apologize to Muslims for our foreign policy, assist them with business endeavors, help them organize politically and further stoke the Muslim animus against Israel.  And all in other countries.  Clearly, the French were displeased with the “meddling” by our diplomats and I can’t imagine the governments of other countries were happy with the actions of our government.

Imagine if the French Embassy here in the United States sponsored a seminar to teach Muslims how to organize themselves politically.  Would that receive a welcome reaction from the American populace?  Highly unlikely.  So why are our Embassies abroad taking these actions?  What is the goal of our State Department?

These seminars have been taking place for several years now.  No doubt there are others I’ve yet to read about and some that may never be written about.  And yet the media here in the U.S. has remained silent on the promotion of Islam by the State Department.  Need I ask what the reaction of the media and the left would be if everything written above was done to promote Christianity instead of Islam?  Their apoplectic reaction would be swift and unceasing until the promotion stopped and the diplomats involved were recalled.  But for Islam…..crickets.

With a man I truly believe to be a Muslim in our White House it is not surprising that our State Department and ambassadors who were political donors to Obama are taking action to promote Islam in other countries.  It makes perfect sense that the Obama-led government destroying our country from within is training, financing and lending aid to the very people in other countries who have vowed to one day annihilate the United States.  Yes, yes, I can hear you lefties screaming – not all Muslims are hostile.  While I will grant that is true, I will never support spending my tax dollars to promote a religion that, as a whole, is evil.  And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that our government has no business promoting any religion at all, domestically or in other countries.  And certainly not Islam.

Your tax dollars at work…religionofpeace

4 comments to U.S. State Department Promoting Islam

  • I’m not sure which group of people this administration is more concerned about; homosexuals or Muslims. They seem to be spending a great deal of time trying to protect both groups from stigma or perceived “discrimination”, all at the expense of Christians, who are told to sit down and shut up. Why this comparison is not obvious to anyone with a brain is beyond me.

    Do the liberals not understand that many Muslims would gladly kill homosexuals for their choice of lifestyle?

    Back to the point of your post, our government is stepping far past its boundaries with its promotion of Islam. That is especially true since they are doing it, not only within our own borders, but also in other countries. I’m thinking the French have this one right. We need to stop meddling.

    • You have an interesting point about the homosexuals. It seems to be the homosexuals that get the administration’s protection domestically, and Islam gets the protection in foreign countries.

      Liberals may or may not understand that Muslims would gladly kill homosexuals. What they definitely do understand is that Muslims hate Christians maybe even more than liberals do. It brings to mind the old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Once they can both get rid of all Christians, THEN the liberals will worry about the Muslims killing homosexuals.

      Our government is stepping far past its boundaries in many, many areas so this one shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Since our State Department has been promoting Islam for several years now and I’m just now reading about it, I can’t help but wonder what else they are doing that is not yet known about.

  • Great find. Does anyone still wonder about the agenda of this regime?

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