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Two More Years of Democratic Obscurity In Oklahoma

SONY DSCIn a piece of great news for Oklahoma Republicans this weekend, Wallace Collins was reelected chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.  Collins was first elected to the position in 2011 and Oklahoma Democrats have taken a beating ever since, even from their own chairman.

Since Collins became chairman, Democrats have lost every statewide elected office, lost seats in the state House and the Senate, Obama failed to win a single county in the presidential election and the lone Democrat-held Congressional seat is now occupied by a Republican. 

In the Oklahoma presidential primary in 2012, President Obama lost fifteen counties to two other Democrats, one a publicity-seeking antiabortionist.  After the results came in, Collins said, “Racism is alive and well in Oklahoma.”  Apparently, someone forgot to remind Collins that Oklahoma has closed primaries and any ‘racism’ was confined to his own Democratic party.

Also during the 2012 presidential election cycle Collins made remarks comparing the Tea Party to a domestic terrorist, saying if Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh were alive today he would be in the Tea Party.  When asked about the comment and given an opportunity to backtrack, he doubled down and said, “I certainly stand by my remarks, because it’s widely known that McVeigh was anti-government.  I think that he was a right-winger, and I think the current tea party people, while I’m not saying that they’re proposing violence, they’re anti-government.  They dislike the government.  I don’t know if you’d call them a government hater, but I certainly see them in a similar vein.  Maybe they’re an offshoot or offspring or next generation.”

Among the accomplishment Collins brags about during his two years as chairman is recruiting at gay pride parades and hanging more pictures of Obama in state party headquarters. 

To Chairman Collins I say congratulations, sir, and may you have continued success.  And please, if you’re ever upset about something and you see a microphone, by all means, please rush to it and share your thoughts.  Oklahoma will definitely be better off with you in charge of the Democrats.

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