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Three Types of Leftist – Evil, Stupid, Bleeding Heart

leftistsI saw an article recently that described two different types of left – evil and stupid – and said that all leftists fall into one of those two categories.  I’m of the opinion there is a third type – bleeding heart.  While the evil left has sinister and secret motives for what they do and the stupid blindly believe whatever lies they are told, the bleeding hearts know the truth, or at least most of it, but support leftist ideals anyway because they believe it’s governments job to ‘help’ people.  While these three types of leftists have differing reasons for the mutual things they support, they work together in harmony against their common enemies – conservatives, freedom, capitalism and the liberty on which our country was founded.

The evil left knows Obamacare is designed to destroy the health care insurance industry and bring about single-payer, giving government total control over the country’s health care.  The stupid left believes the lies that Obamacare is being implemented wonderfully, that millions are now covered who weren’t, that families are saving thousands of dollars and that everyone now has health coverage.  The bleeding hearts know there are severe problems with Obamacare and that millions have had their plans cancelled, but they don’t care because they believe it is more important that people who had no coverage before have it now at the expense of everyone else.

The evil left supports Iran and quietly hopes they achieve their goal of acquiring a nuclear weapon, hoping they will use it on Israel.  The stupid left believes the sanctions on Iran have killed their nuclear ambitions and that there’s nothing to worry about anymore thanks to John Kerry’s stupendous diplomatic skills.  The bleeding heart left believes a nuclear Iran is a bit concerning, but who are we to interfere with another country’s energy production?

The evil left knows climate change is completely fake and that it is promoted solely in an attempt to wrest more tax dollars from people and to give government more control over private industry in an attempt to eliminate the ‘harmful carbon emissions.’  The stupid left believes climate change is real and if we don’t do something now that life on the planet will cease to exist within a generation.  The bleeding heart left doesn’t believe climate change will kill all life on Earth but believes it is real and that we must do what we can to combat it because polar bears are cute.

The evil left supports gay marriage because it goes against Christianity, which they want to destroy.  The stupid left believes people who say Jesus supports gay marriage.  The bleeding heart left believes if people love each other they should be allowed to marry, no matter what.

The evil left supports higher taxes because it gives government more control over people’s lives and more money to spend on leftist programs.  The stupid left supports higher taxes because they believe the lie that rich people are keeping the lower class ‘down’ and that income inequality can be fixed by confiscating wealth.  The bleeding heart left supports higher taxes because they believe it is governments job to help as many people as possible by spreading the wealth around.

The evil left supports abortion for the simple fact that they are evil and delight in destroying lives.  The stupid left supports abortion because they believe the lie that it is just ’tissue’ and that nobody should tell others what to do.  The bleeding heart left supports abortion because they believe it is better to kill babies before they are born than to allow them to be born and perhaps suffer due to being unwanted and neglected.

The evil left supports communism because they believe they will be in charge under a communist government and will finally be allowed to shoot their conservative neighbor.  The stupid left supports communism because they believe the lower class will suddenly be middle class and happy.  The bleeding heart left supports communism because they think it is unfair for rich people to have more than poor people and they want government to make everyone financially equal.

The evil left wants open borders because they know an influx of illegal immigrants will help them destroy their enemies.  The stupid left believes the lies that illegal immigrants aren’t living off the taxpayers and that deporting them all would damage our economy.  The bleeding heart left believes illegal immigrants just want to better their lives and it shouldn’t matter if they became criminals just by entering our country illegally.

The evil left wants to confiscate guns so that the population will have no defense against a tyrannical government.  The stupid left believes that guns cause crime and that we would have a utopian society if no one had guns.  The bleeding heart left believes the only purpose for guns should be hunting so nobody needs high-capacity magazines.  No high-capacity magazines – no more mass shootings.

These three types of leftists – evil, stupid and bleeding heart are all represented in our government.  They all have different reasons for their objectives and sometimes different methods as well, but their common goal of enacting leftist government will continue to destroy freedom in our country as long as they aren’t stopped.  

4 comments to Three Types of Leftist – Evil, Stupid, Bleeding Heart

  • I would not disagree with your description of any of the three types of leftists. No matter how they justify their actions, they are all dangerous to America and the freedom we still enjoy.

  • Arlie

    excellent analogy. Enjoyed reading truth. And at one time I might have LOL, but the time is way past funny and the seriousness of this is dire..too many STUPID & EVIL…my heart is bleeding..but not as a leftist but for the badly damaged America. It seems we’ve been cursed. I pray we ever recover. God Bless!

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