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The Vile Left: Hearts of Hate

hateLast Friday night the 27 year old son of Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback Valley Community Church in California took his own life.  I cannot imagine anything more tragic that could happen to his parents and family.  In a statement Rick Warren said his son’s suicide was the result of years of struggle with depression and a “momentary wave of despair.”

There has been an outpouring of support for the Warren family and I have observed many statements of sympathy on Twitter.  However, mixed in with the decent people expressing sympathy are the absolutely evil people piling on the hateful and vile comments.  I’ve snatched a few below from Twitter but there are many, many more and some with language that will never be on my blog.  Some even suggest that Rick Warren murdered his own son because he was gay and about to ‘come out.’ 

These people and others showed their true character and the evil in their hearts.  I knew there were heinous people on the left but sometimes it still shocks me how despicable they can be.

Rick Warren’s followers, Saddlebacking their way to Heaven by telling gay people to kill themselves. I love Christianity.
— Michael Ditto (@janus303) April 7, 2013 rick warren of saddleback church is a gay basher, rape, misogyny, slavery, incest & pedophelia condoner! son suicide
— . (@anotheraka) April 6, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren never let up his bigotry while gay youth’s parents were grieving. Now he is grieving his own son’s suicide. Oh, #karma.
— David Tessaro (@davetessaro) April 6, 2013

@rickwarren May you never spew hate toward the gays ever again..God punished your hate today..
— Rick is a lyingWhore (@boymv18) April 7, 2013

Is homophobic Rick the prick responsible for his sons death,remember how he has denigrated the lgbt community,he donated your $$ to Uganda !
— WILLEM KRAAL (@WILLEM6) April 6, 2013

Pastor Warren has made a 40 yr career out of lying.Thats why there must be an autopsy to determine if that gunshot really was self-inflicted
— ✰Ҡℒăąẗμ βẵℜąḋⒶ Ñîḵẗø (@BlazePhoenix_) April 7, 2013

@blazephoenix_ Maybe kid was gay and they killed him before he came out.
— Rashid Hussein Obama (@rashid7053) April 6, 2013

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