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The New Progressive Bill of Rights

The rioting at UC Berkeley earlier this week is becoming an old story with those on the left using violence, vandalism, assaults, and general mayhem to demonstrate disagreement. It seems to be becoming a common occurrence with progressives putting on outrageous displays or general rioting and destruction when they don’t like something. Odd how the people who say violence never solves anything are the first ones to be violent when they don’t get their way.

If you aren’t familiar with the events precipitating this week’s progressive riot, Breitbart New contributor and Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley and apparently, progressives there were none too pleased. Being unable to envision any other way to voice their opposition to Yiannopoulos being allowed to speak, vandalizing their city and assaulting people is how they chose to show their displeasure. Odd that at UC Berkeley, the location for the birth of the free speech movement in the 1960s, someone’s free speech would be deemed so unacceptable as to cause riots before
the man was even allowed to say anything.

It seems that today’s progressives no longer believe in free speech, despite the fact that they claim to embrace diversity of opinions. The only free speech progressives actually believe in is that which agrees with the progressive agenda. All other speech is to be squelched and violence is an acceptable tactic for doing so.

Since progressives no longer believe in true free speech, it occurred to me that maybe it’s time the progressives had their own Bill of Rights that matches their ideology. I’ve come up with a Progressive Bill of Rights and I’m sure it’s one with which they will agree. If not, then I suppose my vehicle will be burned, random people on the street will be assaulted and local businesses will be vandalized. To those who suffer from the progressive violence I cause, I apologize in advance.

So here we go.

Amendment I – Religion is not allowed unless it endorses progressive ideology and never says any type of behavior is sinful. Progressive speech is allowed. All other speech is not allowed. Violence is an acceptable form of response for violations and will not be punished. The press can say whatever they want as long as it is not damaging to progressives. Conservative media is to be shut down by the government.

Amendment II – Guns are outlawed. Life in prison if you are caught with a gun, a toy gun or even so much as finger and thumb held in such a way as to resemble a gun.

Amendment III – We are not a war-mongering nation so there is no need for a military. Refugees will be quartered in the homes of anyone who works on Wall Street.

Amendment IV – The police are not allowed to search personal property. Ever.

Amendment V – The police are not allowed to speak to minorities. Capital punishment is not allowed. No person is to be deprived of property, excepting the wealthy, whose property may be seized when deemed necessary for redistribution of wealth or to provide free college tuition to progressives.

Amendment VI – In all criminal prosecutions, progressive media are allowed to use focus groups to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused. Minorities may not be accused of crimes against non-minorities. Law enforcement personnel accused of crimes against minorities have no right to a trial; guilt is unequivocal.

Amendment VII – The wealthy may be sued by the poor if it is determined that the person or persons sued have accumulated more than their fair share of funds. Wealthy progressives are exempt.

Amendment VIII – Cruel and unusual punishments are allowed when the accused is a non-minority and the victim is a minority.

Amendment IX – This amendment is reserved for the insertion of any constitutional rights created by progressive judges which are not actually found in or allowed by the Constitution.

Amendment X – The states have no powers not specifically delegated by the federal government. In presidential elections, the national popular vote shall override the Electoral College if the progressive candidate receives a plurality of the votes but does not prevail in the Electoral College.

Some of these may seem humorous, but I have no doubt that progressives would endorse this list with great enthusiasm. Oh, and violence if you disagree. Better not park your car on the street.

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