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The Nanny State On Steroids

nanny-state-logoAs bad as government intrusion is into families here in the United States, it could be a lot worse.  A law introduced to the Scottish Parliament would mandate a “named person” (guardian) be appointed for every child in Scotland from birth.  Said named person would “promote, support or safeguard the well being of the child or young person.”  Children’s Minister Aileen Campbell said the responsibility for providing a named person will belong to health boards until the age of five, when it would be transferred to councils.

Under this proposed law, detailed personal information about every child – even down to the names of their pets – would be collected and stored in a government database.  A government document seen by the Scottish Daily and Sunday Express newspaper stated the named person would have the legal right to ensure children are raised in a government-approved manner.  It further states, “From the time that the child is a baby the family and the community should come together in oneness to raise the child so that the child can grow up to be a pillar of society.  In so doing everyone benefits and the community is strengthened.”

Whether or not the bill is passed into law remains to be seen.  There has been an outcry of protest from parents in Scotland about this proposal.

Just next door in Ireland, a measure has passed which gives the government virtually unchecked authority over the nation’s children.  Among other things the measure allows:

  • Children can be placed for adoption against the will of the parents.
  • The state can give birth control to children of any age, even if below the age of consent.
  • The state can bring children to other countries for abortions, without parental consent, even if the child disagrees.
  • The state can decide to vaccinate every child in Ireland and the parent has no say in the matter.

Back here in the western hemisphere the congress in Venezuela is discussing legislation that would ban the use of baby bottles as part of a push to promote breast feeding. “Every baby has the right to breast-feeding,” said Odalis Monzon, a lawmaker from the ruling United Socialist Party.

All of these proposals and enacted laws reek of communistic ideals.  When the government takes this much control over your children and how you raise them, they are no longer your children.  They are the government’s children who just happen to live in your home.

Could these same things happen here in the United States?  Of course they can!  The government has already intruded into families and seized control over a lot of things that should be completely controlled by parents.  The indoctrination children receive at public schools is the biggest intrusion.  Liberal views on homosexuality, sex, abortion, evolution, environment, economics, etc are all pushed on children in schools.  And if the lunch you send with your child isn’t deemed to be nutritious, it can be seized and replaced with a school cafeteria meal.

Access to the morning after pill, birth control, abortion, etc are all things the government has decreed your child does have access to without your knowledge or permission.  You, are the parents, have nothing to say about it. 

There are many other ways the government intrudes into families and I have no doubt there are those in our government who would make the intrusion equal, if not exceed, the level of intrusion in Scotland, Ireland and Venezuela.  With the creeping intrusion our government already does, one day they may get their chance.

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