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The Murderous Left: Emulating the Taliban

death threatThere seems to be a growing number of threats lately on Twitter and other social media outlets to riot, assassinate, murder or firebomb conservatives or Republican candidates.  Most of these threats are directed at Mitt Romney but there have also been threats directed at other conservative candidates or even people simply using social media to promote conservative ideals.  Launching a hate-filled, profanity laden diatribe is nothing new for the left, but the influx of death threats and promises to assassinate are becoming disturbingly common.

Many news outlets have been reporting the threats against Mitt Romney, quoting mostly Twitter users in their criminal threats of assassination.  The Examiner has many examples.  Here are a few:

“I wana shoot mitt Romney (sic),” threatened “Brick Chaney.”
“Someone shoot Mitt Romney,” tweeted “bow_Tye.”
“Ruaridh Pond” wrote: “Someone needs to shoot Mitt Romney. I’d pay d**n good money.”
“[S]eriously,” tweeted another user, “Mitt Romney needs to die.”
User “Gavin” expressed hatred for Mormons and said he would “f*****g freak” and “die” if Romney won.
“Mitt Romney just needs to die, he is going to do no good for our country, (sic)” tweeted “Fish Taco.”

The Secret Service has confirmed it is aware of the threats against Romney.  A spokesman said they will conduct appropriate follow up if necessary.  That follow up should include prison time for the geniuses threatening murder.

Among others, death threats have also been made on Sarah Palin, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Supreme Court Justices after they ruled on Arizona’s immigration law.

Many news sites have also been reporting the threats to riot if Obama loses the election.  Rioting has always been a staple of leftist politics but I don’t recall any threats in the past to riot if the outcome of an election wasn’t to their liking.  Perhaps rioting is a tactic of the new more tolerant left.  It would dovetail nicely with their vandalism and bomb threats.

The most sickening death threats of all, though, were leveled on a 6 year old boy.  Six years old.  And just what did a six year old do to get the attention of the murderous left?  He starred in a YouTube video called 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Obama.

“Shoot tha kid Kill tha Parents!!!”
“[C]an someone kill that child… to teach his parents a lesson.”
“This child and his parents need to be euthanized.”

This all sounded too familiar.  Just last week in Pakistan Malala Yousufzai, a 14 year old girl, was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman and left for dead.  She was targeted by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education and criticizing the Taliban’s actions when they took over the Swat Valley where she lived.  The Taliban have threatened to target Malala again until she is killed because she promotes “Western thinking.”

Shouting down and silencing the opposition has always been the modus operandi of the left. Angry, profanity laden shouting has become all too common and now they have progressed to death threats via social media.  How long will it be before someone actually makes good on one of these threats?  And once the first conservative is killed will that then start a new trend of carrying out the murderous threats?  Being a conservative politician could be a life threatening occupation.  Or a six year old YouTube star. 

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