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The Moral Dominoes Are Falling

falling_dominoesWith gay marriage on the cusp of being legal it’s no surprise at all that other immoralities that have always been illegal are beginning to get second looks.  If one is made legal the justification for keeping the others illegal seems to be a losing battle.  Morality has always been legislated to a degree but the direction our country is headed seems to be undoing it all.

Case in point.  David Epstein is a 46 year old political science professor at Columbia University and is currently facing incest charges based on allegedly maintaining an incestuous relationship with his 24 year old daughter from 2006 to 2009.

Epstein’s attorney, Matthew Galluzzo, said, “It’s ok for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home.  How is this different?  What goes on between consenting adults in private should not be legislated.  That is not the proper domain of our law.  If we assume for a moment that both parties are consenting, then why are we prosecuting this?”

Read the whole article at the Daily Mail website.

The ‘victim’ in this case, the daughter, did give her consent but a crime such as incest has always been one of societal values and their importance being such that violation can result in criminal charges. With our societal values changing to accommodate the -do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want- attitude we are becoming a society with no values whatsoever.  And when our society has no values, how can something that is no longer considered immoral still be considered criminal?

The moral fabric of our nation is decaying and hedonism is slowly moving in to replace it.  Our moral dominoes are falling; one by one.  There doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping it.

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