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The Killers Among Us

They went to their deaths by the millions.  Some had long journeys before reaching the place of their death.  They didn’t know they were going to die upon their arrival.  Their lives were brutally ended. 

Their killers had no shame.  No regret.  No hesitation.  Cold.  Calculated.  Methodical.  Efficient.  The instruments of death varied.  Each killer had his own tools and his own preferred method.  They profited from their murders.  The more they killed; the more wealth they acquired.

There were many places for the killing to take place.  After all, there was a lot of killing to do.  People knew what was going on.  Some openly said it was better for everyone if the killing continued.  Some said it was better for those killed if they were dead.  Those killed were not wanted.  They were undesirables.  Some were killed for having handicaps.  Mental handicaps.  Physical handicaps. 

The lives of those killed were not relevant.  Their rights were not relevant.  Their contributions to society were not relevant.  All that mattered was that there were those who wanted them dead.  They were given no hearing.  No trial.  No appeal.  Only a quick death.  Some resisted their killers, but were too weak and suffered the same fate as the rest.

There were those who longed for the killing to begin, long before the people were ready as a nation.  There were isolated murders here and there.  There were rallies and protests.  The soul of the nation began to turn.  It was time to make it legal.  And not just legal, but preferred.  The killing had occurred for years before the government stepped in, not to stop it, but to endorse it.  Regulate it.  Defend it.  Fund it.

People applauded the killing.  There were people who wrote endorsements for the killing.  Those who spoke publicly in favor of it, even demanding it.  Those who were killed had no say in the matter.  Others decided their fate for them. 

The slaughterhouses where they died were ordinary buildings.  Inside was a house of horrors and death.  People with no consciences worked in these buildings.  They would snuff the life out of human beings, then eat their lunch in a room next to the death chamber.  They earned a living by killing. 

The killers did not consider those they killed to be human beings.  They were not worthy of proper funerals.  Their bodies had various destinations.  Some were sent for medical experimentation.  Some were buried in large pits.  Some were thrown away with the days trash.  Some were burned in an open field.

Very few survived the attempt to kill them.  It was common for survivors to suffer the rest of their lives.  Some had visible scars and wounds from the attempt.  Some had missing limbs.  Some had permanent brain damage.

The killing many readers probably thought I have written about did end. 














This killing continues.  As a nation, we have allowed millions and millions to be killed.  Will it ever end?
















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