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Homosexual Assault On Business: Marginalizing Morality

The Campaign for ImmoralityOver a year ago I wrote a post about the homosexual assault on businesses who refuse to provide services when doing so would violate their moral or religious beliefs.  Lately I have been seeing many, many more instances of this.  Determined to force their lifestyle on those who don’t approve of it, lawsuits and official complaints seem to be the order of the day for the homosexuals.  They can always count on judges and local officials who sit on human rights commissions to back them up in their quest to punish businesses who don’t welcome their depravity.

The latest I’ve read about is a florist in Richland, Washington being taken to court by the State Attorney General, who is seeking $2,000 in penalties.  And what did this florist do to bring down the wrath of the state?   Based on her religious beliefs she declined to provide flowers to a same-sex marriage ceremony.

In just a few minutes I was able to find many more such instances around the nation:

In Dallas, a gay couple filed a complaint against the Dallas Morning News for refusing to publish an announcement of their gay wedding.

In New Mexico, a photographer was fined $7,000 for refusing to take pictures of a lesbian ceremony.

In Illinois, a gay couple filed a complaint against two bed and breakfast inns who refused to provide a venue for their civil union ceremony.

In Iowa, a cake maker may be facing legal action for refusing to provide a wedding cake for two lesbians.

In New Mexico, two gay men are suing a Christian preschool for accepting their three year old son, then rejecting him after finding out about the homosexual couple.

In Kentucky, a t-shirt company is under investigation by the City of Lexington Human Rights Commission after refusing to print t-shirts for a local gay rights organization.

In California, the dating site eHarmony agreed to launch a service for homosexuals after a gay man filed suit against them for not offering matchmaking for gays and lesbians.

In New York, a lesbian couple have filed a discrimination complaint with the New York Division of Human Rights after a rural farm declined to host their “wedding” on the premises.

In Vermont, a lesbian couple sued after the Wildflower Inn told them they would not host a same-sex wedding reception.  The case was settled last year and the Inn had to cough up $30,000.

In Oregon, a baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple is now the target of an investigation by the state attorney general.

In Illinois, as part of the nation-wide assault on Chick-Fil-A, a Chicago-based gay rights group filed multiple complaints against the restaurant chain with the Illinois Department of Human Rights.  They accused Chick-Fil-A of having an “intolerant corporate culture.”

In New Jersey, a judged ruled that a Christian beachfront property operated by the United Methodists cannot refuse to host lesbian civil union ceremonies.

In Hawaii, the Aloha Bed and Breakfast was sued by a lesbian couple after the business chose not to provide them with a reservation.

No doubt there are many more such examples of homosexuals targeting businesses who choose to not assist or take part in their immoral lifestyle. 

The homosexual assault on morals in business goes hand in hand with the gay marriage issue and the influx of gay characters and story lines on television (reason #823 to not watch television). Mainstreaming homosexuality cannot succeed to the desired levels of the gay community without marginalizing morals and religious beliefs that hold homosexuality to be an abomination.  Lawsuits and official complaints may not change business owners opinions, but forcing them to provide services against their will or spend thousands in legal fees is a victory for the homosexuals.

Our nation’s morality is being turned upside down.  It wasn’t long ago that homosexuals weren’t celebrated the way they are today and religion-based morality was predominant.  Fast forward to today and our society is exactly the opposite.  As our nation’s morals have moved to the dark side, the immoral have been emboldened to fight even harder to silence the moral with the help of the progressives in government and the judiciary. 

People with genuine morals don’t change them because our culture does, but that culture can be used by the homosexuals to beat those people into submission.  And they’re becoming very good at it.  They are assaulting morality and religious beliefs on all fronts and it will continue unabated until the people with moral and religious beliefs are the ones who are in the closet.

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