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The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

trayvonAs of this writing, since January 1, 2013, there have been 157 homicides of blacks in Chicago.  The causes of death were 12 by stabbing and 145 by gunshot.  Sixteen of them were under 18 years of age.  Without looking them up, can you name even one of the victims?  Just one?  Unless you’re from Chicago or related to someone involved in the case, I’ll bet you can’t.

Have you heard about Darryl Green?  He was a 17 year old in Chicago whose decomposed body was found in an abandoned building.  He’d been shot to death.  It’s suspected he was murdered because he refused to join a gang.  Have you heard Darryl Green mentioned on MSNBC? CNN? Even Fox? By Obama? Anyone in Hollywood? 

In the 513 days between Trayvon Martin’s death and the verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial there were 11,106 blacks murdered by other blacks.  Again, can you name even one of the victims?  So why then, does everyone in the country who doesn’t live in a cave know the name Trayvon Martin?

This case provided opportunities for many different groups.  For racist hate groups like the New Black Panthers it offered an opportunity to stir up anger and pass the collection hat while emotions ran high.  For racist talking heads like Al Sharpton it offered an opportunity to stir up anger and get better ratings.  And for politicians like Barack Obama it offered an opportunity to stir up anger and racial division in the country, which serves them politically.  Obama famously said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”  Why wouldn’t he look like one of the other blacks who have been murdered?  Why Trayvon?

It’s been well documented on many websites that the Department of Justice sent staff members to Florida to help organize and participate in protests against Zimmerman.  For what purpose?  And why do it on the sly?  Is there any other homicide in the nation for which the DOJ has paid staff members to go and protest?  None that we know about.  So why this one?  Why have the New Black Panthers done nothing to prevent blacks from killing other blacks?  Why has Al Sharpton not done a show about black-on-black murder in Chicago? 

The answer to all these questions is that it serves the administration and those on the left to provoke racial animosity and anger.  It further drives minorities away from the big-bad-white-male-dominated Republican Party and allows the leaders on the left to express feigned outrage which draws in those who have been stirred up emotionally.  The fact that Obama has put out a statement on this case after the verdict is further proof he is stoking this fire.  Has there been another local murder case anywhere in the nation that has been commented on by a President? Please comment below if there is because I can’t think of one.  Even in his short statement he uses the death of Trayvon Martin as a case for gun control.  Blatant political opportunism.  Why has Obama not commented on even one of the 157 black homicides in his hometown, Chicago?  Because they cannot be used politically.

The truth is that all these groups, talking heads and politicians could not care less about Trayvon Martin or his death.  To them he is nothing but a means to an end and the fact that he was dead made him an even better one.  His dead body was ripe for being exploited.  These people care nothing for blacks who get killed.  If they did they would be speaking about and trying to do something about the 11,106 who have been murdered since Trayvon Martin died.  But they haven’t and they won’t, so don’t tell me that they do care about Trayvon.  His is but one death in a sea of black deaths.  The hand that killed him being half-white, justifiable or not, is what makes this one death an opportunity for them and they have done their best to exploit it to the fullest. 

The media, the racist groups, the leftist politicians… They have all profited from Trayvon.  Over a year ago I wrote a post about all the people who have profited from Trayvon’s death.  They are all still profiting from his death and they will do their best to make it continue. 

When hate groups, media and politicians use the death of a young black man to manipulate part of the population, that tells me they have no respect at all for that segment of the populace.  Completely ignoring all the black deaths that happen in this country and then seizing upon one that can serve their own selfish purposes is proof they care nothing about blacks in this country.  The blacks and leftists in this country are being fooled if they think these people care about them.  They don’t.  They care only for themselves and their own selfish gains. 

Ask any of these people who Arrell Monegan is. Who Julius Campbell is.  Who Cornelius German is.  Who Patrick Sykes is.  They won’t know.  They have nothing to gain by knowing. 


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