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Wells Griffith Shows How to Run for Congress

Wells Griffith, Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District special election, has produced a campaign ad that every Republican should emulate. In the ad, Griffith throws the Obamacare bill in the trash and says repealing the law is why he is running for Congress. “This document, Obamacare, is why I’m running for Congress. Because we won’t get back to creating jobs until these thousands of pages of economic destruction are relegated to the trash pile of history,” he says in the ad. There are a number of candidates in the Republican primary and with the district rated ‘safe Republican’ the winner will likely be the next Congressman.

Every Republican running for Congress should watch this ad and see how it’s done. With the vast majority of the country being opposed to Obamacare this is the time to use it against the Democrats who passed it and run them out of office. They passed it, they own it. Even the […] → Keep reading