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If Liberals Had Total Control

Yesterday, I happened to overhear two coworkers discussing how much better off we’d be if conservatives would just disappear. I’m sure that would be a dream come true for them as liberals have always seen conservatism as a roadblock to utopia. With unfettered liberalism, our society would quickly become unrecognizable. It got me thinking just what they would do if liberals had no one opposing them. It’s a horrifying scenario.

Guns would be confiscated and destroyed. Not even the police would be allowed to have weapons. The only people left with weapons would be the criminals. And the jihadis. Abortion on demand, anytime, for any age, with no restrictions and one hundred percent taxpayer-funded. Minimum wage will be at least fifteen dollars an hour. All employers are now required to provide paid sick leave, vacation, family leave, and healthcare. Consequently, your burger will now cost you $24.99. Plus tax, of course. Government installations will be constructed along the border to […] → Keep reading

Big Macs For Food Stamp Recipients

Oklahoma City’s News 9 has an article detailing the push by Yum! Brands to have the use of food stamps be allowed at fast food locations. Yum! Brands operates Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver’s and Pizza Hut.

After years of various government entities berating the fast food industry for making everyone fat, this is an odd turn of events.

CNS News has an excellent article about a report from the Institute for Medicine on strategies for local governments to combat childhood obesity by restricting fast food establishments near schools and public playgrounds.

And yet some states already allow the use of tax dollars to purchase fast food for children. ABC News has a list of those:

Michigan Church’s Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken McDonald’s Subway Grandma’s Famous Chicken Eight Mile Pancake House Mr. T’s BBQ Vito’s Pizza

California Jack in the Box Subway El Pollo Loco Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Florida KFC Taco Bell Pizza Hut Papa Murphy’s […] → Keep reading

Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

State Rep. Guy Liebmann (R-OKC) announced last Friday that he will introduce a bill in the next legislative session requiring all welfare recipients to take a drug test. Liebmann said his bill would be based on recently passed similar legislation in Florida. Drug testing would be mandatory and applicants who test positive for controlled substances would be disqualified from the program for one year, unless they choose to seek treatment.

David Blatt at has written about a previous legislative attempt at mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients and called it an “unnecessary, expensive and counterproductive proposal.”

The American Civil Liberties Union is currently contemplating a lawsuit against the state of Florida, calling the state’s action “patriarchal, racist and mean-spirited” and a violation of Constitutional rights. Were Oklahoma to pass a bill based on Florida’s, a lawsuit would likely follow.

In spite of the fact that the 1996 Welfare Reform Act authorizes states to impose mandatory drug testing for welfare […] → Keep reading

How Many Does It Take?

Quoted from Wilford I. King, cited in John R. Richardson, Christian Economics (Houston, TX: Thomas Press, 1966), p. 31, cited in David A. Noebel, Understanding the Times, Unabridged Edition, p. 707.

Suppose that, in an isolated valley, there are three men, each working for himself on his own farm. One is very diligent, and when winter arrives, has accumulated a large enough store of foodstuffs, and has on hand ample feed for his horses, cows and poultry. The others, having taken life easy during the summer, find that long before spring they are short on provisions. If, then, they combine forces, set upon their neighbor and seize his possessions, both capitalists and collectivists will agree that the two lazy farmers have violated the Eighth Commandment – in other words, they have stolen the diligent farmer’s goods.

But suppose, instead, that the two insist upon establishing a democratic government for the valley. They hold a “town meeting” and by a vote […] → Keep reading