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Values Are More Important Than Trump

Defeating Hillary Clinton is all that matters. Nothing else. That’s the argument of all the people who can admit what a degenerate Donald Trump is but say we should support him anyway.

In spite of the fact that Trump’s values and positions over the years are in conflict with the values and positions of most of the delegates who nominated him, we are supposed to support this man for president of the United States. Others, like myself, believe that supporting such a man would do permanent damage to the conservative movement, to the Republican party, to our Christian witness for those who value it, and to the pro-life movement.

To support Trump is to reject morals and values that most Republicans have espoused for generations. Say goodbye to any credibility in the future of complaining about the moral failings of any candidate from any party. That right has been forfeited by those who support Trump. It’s ludicrous to watch Republicans […] → Keep reading

The Boy Scouts: No More Values

A few days ago, delegates to the National Council of the Boy Scouts voted to accept homosexual boys into the Scouts. The Scouts leadership said the decision was based on “growing input from within the Scouting family.” Around 1,400 delegates approved the change in membership standards by a margin of 61-39 percent. Changes to the adult leadership policy was not up for vote, which means the ban on homosexual Scout leaders remains in place.

The commissioner of the National Council, Tico Perez, said at a press conference that the adult leadership guidelines that ban homosexual leaders “have served us well for 100 years.” Haven’t the other policies that were changed also served the Scouts well for 100 years?

The Scouts may not have even considered changing the policy against homosexual leaders, but I predict that policy will be changed by court decision. And the Scouts will have no one to blame but themselves. In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled the […] → Keep reading