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Is Marrying A Computer Coming?

If you think being allowed to marry a computer sounds ridiculous, so did same-sex marriage in the past. I never would have thought in my younger days that two men or two women would be legally allowed to get married. And not only that, failing to participate in the festivities could find you in legal hot water, sued out of business and up to your eyeballs in debt if you’re a florist or cake maker and opt to not put your stamp of approval on such an event.

We live in strange times. And it seems the times are on the cusp of getting even stranger.

A man named Chris Sevier is suing the state of Utah for the right to marry his laptop. The Utah Attorney General’s Office tried to have the lawsuit dismissed for a number of reasons, the main one being that a laptop cannot consent to marriage. But, a federal judge declined to dismiss the […] → Keep reading

Polygamy Law Found Unconstitutional. What’s Next?

Key parts of Utah’s polygamy law have been declared unconstitutional by a U.S. District Judge. Judge Clark Waddoups issued a 91 page ruling in which he declared the “cohabitation prong of the Statute unconstitutional on numerous grounds.” To clarify, polygamous marriage is still illegal, but Utah had also made it illegal to cohabitate with an adult who is not your legal spouse. The ruling comes from a lawsuit filed by Kody Brown, who lives with four women and has a reality television show called “Sister Wives” on TLC. Brown filed the lawsuit in July 2011 and argued that Utah’s law violated their right to privacy. The lawsuit’s argument relied heavily on the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down a Texas law banning sodomy, based on the right to privacy. The law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head again. After the ruling, Brown issued a statement through his attorney and said, “While we know that many people do […] → Keep reading