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Union Greed Kills 18,500 Jobs

Unless you’ve been living in a cave it isn’t news that the Hostess Brands, Inc. has announced it is closing up shop and will be seeking to liquidate assets, including all properties and equipment. After eighty two years, no more Twinkies, for the time being. It’s likely another company will acquire the brand and begin producing snack cakes again at some point.

What caused the collapse of Hostess? Union refusal to negotiate concessions. The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union refused to agree to wage reductions that would have kept the doors open.

Hostess had filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and the filing included a plan to stay in business. If the union agreed. The plan included an 8 percent cut to employee pay, a reduction in health benefits and a freeze to pension plan payments for over two years. If the concessions were agreed to, union workers would get a 25 percent equity in […] → Keep reading