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Senator Baucus: Obamacare No Longer A Train Wreck

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) has backed off his statement comparing the implementation of Obamacare to a train wreck. He was on Fox Business with Stuart Varney and said he thought Obamacare would be a train wreck only “if they do not implement it very well” but that the Obama administration is “doing a pretty good job” at getting it up and running. “I don’t expect a train wreck. I think the train’s going to keep running, not maybe totally on time, but it’s going to be pretty efficient.”

Senator Baucus also said that if there was a vote to delay implementing Obamacare, he would oppose it.

Several questions immediately come to mind that I would like to ask the Senator. Are you aware that a majority of Montanans oppose the federal health care law? If you think they are doing a “pretty good job” at getting it up and running then why the delays? What’s the hold up? Why are […] → Keep reading