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Police Militarization: It’s Gone Too Far

I have been noticing a disturbing trend lately. More and more news reports have been about similar incidents. A Florida nurse is terrorized by U.S. Marshals in a warrantless raid, looking for someone she had never heard of. Based on their appearance she thought she was being the victim of a home invasion, got a gun and almost shot at them. If she had, no doubt they would have killed her. A man asleep in his bed in a basement apartment he was renting was shot 16 times by a sheriff’s deputy and a Department of Corrections officer while they were at the house to arrest a parole violator. The man they were after was already in custody when they decided to search the house, at which time they entered the basement and shot the sleeping man. No charges were filed against them. A 61 year old man is shot to death by police when they conduct a drug […] → Keep reading