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University of Oklahoma Tramples the Constitution

There have always been racists in our country and there always will be. Since before the founding of our country, through the days leading to the Civil War, the Jim Crow laws and the civil rights marches of the previous generation, racism has been front and center at times. Although our society as a whole abhors racism, there are still those who are openly racist and those who have learned to be more subtle about it, keeping their true feelings hidden, lest they face ridicule from the enlightened who know that skin color is irrelevant.

With the public reaction over the video showing their racist chants, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma has now learned that racism is unacceptable. Their fraternity has been disbanded by the fraternity’s national organization and banned by the University. University President David Boren has also elected to expel two students who were identified as leaders of the chant. The public […] → Keep reading