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Salon Draws Moral Equivalence Between America and ISIS

Bill Moyers has written a piece for Salon in which he makes the claim that American history shows our country to be no better than ISIS. He mentions the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive by ISIS and then spends most of his column describing the lynching by fire of an 18-year-old black man named Jesse Washington, who was accused of murdering a white woman in 1916. He ends his piece by making a moral equivalence between ISIS and the “barbarians” in America’s history.

Salon – Yes, it was hard to get back to sleep the night we heard the news of the Jordanian pilot’s horrendous end. ISIS be damned! I thought. But with the next breath I could only think that our own barbarians did not have to wait at any gate. They were insiders. Home grown. Godly. Our neighbors, friends and kin. People like us.

People like us. Is he serious?

Perhaps Mr. Moyers can draw no distinction […] → Keep reading