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Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern: Deviancy’s Antagonist

If you’ve lived in Oklahoma very long you probably know who Sally Kern is. If you live outside of Oklahoma you might still know who she is. Since 2004 she has been the State Representative for District 84 and she is a Republican. Because of legislation she has proposed and statements she has made, mostly about the homosexual community, she has been vilified by the left and some on the right, mocked on national television programs, called every dirty and negative name you can think of, labeled a bigot by local media and targeted for reelection defeat by west coast liberals. She has also held true to her convictions, withstood the attacks and continued to propose bills that, in the words of blogger Michael Bates of Batesline, “are in support of the right to have an opinion and act on it, and against leftist fascism.”

For the 2015 legislative session she has filed eight bills, three of which have been […] → Keep reading

Sharia Law: Oklahoma Says No. Again.

Oklahoma House Bill 1060 is on the way to Governor Fallin’s desk to await her signature. This measure would prohibit the application of foreign laws when doing so would violate the state or U.S. constitutions. Business entities were given an exemption and may subject themselves to foreign law if they so choose.

This bill by State Rep. Sally Kern is a replacement for State Question 755, which was struck down by a federal court for singling out Sharia Law. SQ755 was passed by voters in November 2010 with 70 percent voting for passage. Kern said, “Our intent with this bill is to use language similar to that of legislation in Tennessee, Kansas, Arizona and Louisiana, all of which passed without any court challenges. Voters approved the state question by a margin of 70 percent. If Gov. Mary Fallin signs this bill into law, she will be following the overwhelming will of the people of Oklahoma.”

HB 1060 doesn’t specifically mention […] → Keep reading