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The Freest State – Being Number One Isn’t Good

The Oklahoma Watchdog has an article about a report from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University which pegs Oklahoma as the fifth freest state in the nation. Oklahoma’s new Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon said, “I think it is exciting news. It’s an affirmation of the direction we’ve taken since Republicans gained control of the state House of Representatives in 2004. This is affirmation of the pro-growth and liberty policies that have been put in place since then.”

Shannon also said, “I am hopeful to get a whole wave of new good laws passed that will improve our ranking in an analysis like this. On the House side we’ve advanced all of our significant agenda items, and I think we’ll get most of all of those through with the help of the Senate. I am very optimistic.”

In the last twelve years Oklahoma has moved from the 31st freest to 5th freest. The scholars who compiled the report […] → Keep reading