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Trump Is Right and He’s Done Republicans A Huge Service

Donald Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants seem to be dominating the news lately. The media have made it the story and have taken great glee in reporting about the backlash The Donald is receiving for what he said. Macy’s, Serta mattresses, Univision, NASCAR and NBC have all either cut ties with Trump or announced they will be terminating agreements with him. My first thought after reading all that was to wonder how in the world Donald Trump has his own line of Serta mattresses. Who would want that? But I digress. The Donald doesn’t seem to care about all the damage, saying on Fox & Friends, “I think it’s bad for my brand. I don’t care. You know maybe I’m leading in the polls, but this is certainly not good. I lose customers. I lose people.”

But what exactly was it he said that has made him the target of all this backlash? I’ve seen it misquoted on a few […] → Keep reading

The Media: Democrats Don’t Lie

Democrats don’t lie. That’s what the media tells us. For decades now the media has been the self-appointed protectors of Democrats, shielding them from political fallout and spinning their lies into ‘gaffes’ or ’embellishments.’ The IRS scandal. Benghazi. Fast and Furious. The NSA. Veterans. Obamacare and many other scandals. The public has been lied to, blatantly, time and time again by the Obama administration and their friends in the media who cover for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton has been protected on Benghazi. Eric Holder has been protected on Fast and Furious. Andrew Cuomo has been protected after saying that conservatives should just leave New York. And now Wendy Davis, Texas State Senator running for Governor, is being protected after lies in her bio have been exposed by a left leaning reporter.

Details about when she was married, had a child, got divorced and how her education was financed were all “blurred,” according to the Dallas Morning News. Or “fuzzy facts” […] → Keep reading

Abortion Queen Wendy Davis: “I’m in”

The abortion queen says she’s in. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis has begun telling prominent Democrats in the state that she will be running for Governor next year. She will likely be up against Republican Greg Abbott, currently the Texas attorney general. Until a few months ago I had never heard of Davis. But, as Tom Dart wrote for The Guardian, “The state senator from Fort Worth became an overnight celebrity in June, as a result of her 11-hour filibuster against restrictive new abortion legislation.” Being reelected in 2012, her term as Senator would ordinarily not be up until 2016, but earlier this year the Texas senators drew for terms in a post-redistricting, once a decade process and Davis drew a two year term. If she loses the gubernatorial election next year she will not have a Senate term to complete.

Her voting record as Senator is largely unknown outside of Texas, except of course for the abortion bill. Mark […] → Keep reading

Republicans Concerned About Perry’s Appeal To Independents

Congressional Republicans are expressing concern that Rick Perry won’t appeal to independent voters, largely because of comments Perry has made about President Obama and Ben Bernanke.

“You can’t be calling Bernanke a traitor and you can’t be questioning whether or not Barack Obama loves America, that type of thing,” Rep. Peter King (R-NY), told POLITICO.

“Intimating the Federal Reserve Chairman is guilty of treason is not going to create more confidence in voters about you,” said Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH). “I would suspect Gov. Perry regrets that statement.”

It’s a bit early to be worried about Perry’s appeal to independent voters. Perry may have a problem just getting the Republican nomination, due to concern from conservative Republicans over his record on immigration and the Gardasil executive order.

Republicans ready to crown Perry as their nominee should hold off on the coronation.

[…] → Keep reading

Fallin: Perry Would Be Good for Oklahoma, But…

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said yesterday that Texas Governor Rick Perry would be a strong advocate for issues important to Oklahoma, including oil and gas development. However, she stopped short of endorsing him for President, saying “I’m not going to make a commitment right now.”

This did not surprise me, since I recall an endorsement Fallin received last summer while running for Governor. No doubt, she is waiting to return the favor.

Rick Perry Is No Conservative

It’s appearing more likely every day that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas will throw his hat into the ring and run for President. He has tremendous support with Republicans and a lot of people seem to think he is a strong conservative. Refusing to stop the recent execution of an immigrant, ignoring even the requests of both President Obama and Former President George W. Bush, has bolstered his appeal and given the false conservative illusion.

But, Rick Perry is no conservative. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. In 2000, when Perry was elected Governor, total spending by Texas was $49 billion. By 2010 it was $90 billion.

2. As Governor, Perry is one of four members of the Texas Bond Review Board, which approves most state debt transactions. Since Perry took office on December 21, 2000 the outstanding bonds and notes for the state of Texas have increased from $13.7 billion to $34.08 billion.

3. In an August […] → Keep reading