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More Nudity and Profanity: Coming To Your Television

The Federal Communications Commission has taken a huge step toward relaxing obscenity standards on broadcast television and radio, which would allow “non-sexual” nudity and “isolated” expletives even during prime time. Apparently they think television doesn’t have enough smut.

Decency laws covering broadcast television and radio do prohibit nudity and profanity and the Supreme Court has upheld these laws as constitutionally enforceable by the FCC. Broadcasters can be heavily fined for violations.

But, as the smut on television has become more rampant, so have the number of offenses reported to the FCC. So many that leading chairman Julius Genachowski decided the number of case had become unmanageable. He ordered the Enforcement Bureau to focus on “egregious cases” and get rid of the others. According to the FCC’s own memo, since September 2012 the case load has been reduced by 70 percent, with more than a million complaints being dismissed due to expiration of the statute of limitations or for being […] → Keep reading

Democrats: Complete Lack of Class

This shirt is being sold on the store website.

I cannot imagine a more profane piece of merchandise being sold by a politician. Once again, the Democrats demonstrate how completely without class they are.

If you don’t know why this is profane, Google it. I’m not elaborating on my blog. If you want profanity turn on Bill Maher.