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Libs: Air is Racist

I suppose it was just a matter of time before this happened. To the liberals, everything is all about race and it seems like they’ve been shouting it more than usual lately. There’s racism in education, employment, sports, housing, entertainment, politics, religion… And, of course, we have all heard from countless liberals that anyone who opposes Obama is doing so based solely on the color of his skin. Ridiculous. And now the lefties at Think Progress have an article titled “Why Air Pollution Is A Racial Issue.” That’s right; they’re saying there’s racism in air. The article quotes from a study produced by Julian Marshall at the University of Minnesota. He posits that non-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe. His study released no data or statistics other than a chart showing what he claims is the average nitrogen dioxide exposure for whites and for nonwhites in each state and large […] → Keep reading