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Legalizing Marijuana: Not A Social Advance To Be Celebrated

I’ve been surprised of late at how much of the country seems to be in favor of legalizing marijuana. With some states already passing various forms of legislation making pot legal, most states still outlaw its use and the federal law against it is still intact. Even here in Oklahoma there seems to be a sizable number of residents who think marijuana should be legalized. The conservative, church-raised, non-smoking, non-drinking, drug-free person in me wants to believe that it is only druggies and reprobates wanting to get high on weed, but I am well aware of the libertarian viewpoint that says drug use is a matter of personal choice and that the government should have no say in the matter. It’s a victimless crime, they all say. It’s none of the government’s business what people put in their bodies, they tell us. I will concede that, as more states gradually make marijuana legal, the odds continue to increase that it […] → Keep reading