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United States Funds Pay Jailed Palestinian Murderers

Israel National News is reporting that jailed Palestinian Authority terrorists in Israel are receiving monthly salaries from the PA, which receives half of their funding from the United States. Last year the United States provided almost $600 million to the PA. European nations provide the other half of their funding.

Jailed prisoners receive from 1,400 to 12,000 shekels per month, which is about $400 to $3,400 per month. Prisoners receive more per month for serving longer sentences, with those serving 20 to 30 years receiving the most. These would be the people who planned and took part in the intentional murder of civilians.

Some of the PA terror victims are American citizens, meaning that US taxpayers are funding the monthly salaries of the very people who murdered fellow Americans. The PA spends more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 terrorists imprisoned in Israel. Palestinian Media Watch has reported that the payment of salaries to jailed terrorists […] → Keep reading