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Harvesting Organs From Aborted Babies

Disposable humans. No, I don’t mean the toothless meth head hicks who live next to your uncle out in the country, the gang-bangers whose future is continually bouncing back and forth between prison and procreating with different women, or even the homeless boozer whose sole contribution to society will be dying and having his body sold to a medical school for dissection by doctors-in-training. All those people would seem to have more value than the disposable humans that scientists are currently experimenting with in order to perfect the growing of human organs in rats. Organs that will be used to save people who need organ transplants. While it may sound like a bad Vincent Price movie, it gets worse. The organs that are to be placed into rats for growing come from humans deemed to be disposable – aborted babies.

Our medical science has apparently reached the point where organs can be harvested from aborted babies, placed into rats so […] → Keep reading