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Voter Fraud: The Voting Dead

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, Democrats are always quick to say there is no voter fraud occurring and they scoff at those who claim otherwise. Apparently, they aren’t able to read. In less than a minute I grabbed links to news items and posts about vote fraud here, here, here, here, here and here. And now a news story has come out in North Carolina detailing hundreds of cases of people who might have voted in more than one state and some people who somehow managed to cast a vote after they died.

Fox News – State elections officials said Wednesday that they’re investigating hundreds of cases of voters who appear to have voted in two states and several dozen who appear to have voted after their deaths.

State lawmakers last year mandated the State Board of Elections to enter into an “Interstate Crosscheck” – a compact of 28 states that agreed to check their voter registration […] → Keep reading

North Carolina Bans Sharia Law

Last month the state of North Carolina became the seventh state to pass legislation that prohibits state judges from considering Islamic law when deciding cases. The other states are Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota and Tennessee. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory allowed the law to take effect without signing it, saying he considered the measure a waste of time. Naturally, there are those who disagree with passing such a measure. Deseret News reported the story.

Supporters hailed the bill as an important safeguard that protects the American legal system from foreign laws that are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, Religion News Service reported, while critics argued the Constitution already overrides foreign laws.

“(The legislation is) primarily designed to stir up anti-Islamic prejudice by creating fears that Islamic Sharia law is somehow going to take over the American legal system,” Carl Ernst, a religious studies professor at the University of North Carolina, told the Daily Tarheel.

“No one has a […] → Keep reading