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The Ice Bucket Challenge: Be Careful What You’re Funding

Unless you’ve been in a coma you’re probably seen dozens and dozens of videos of people doing the ice bucket challenge in recent weeks. For the uninformed, here’s how it works. Within 24 hours of being challenged, people are supposed to video themselves dumping ice water over their heads or having someone else dump ice water over their heads. The video is supposed to include the person saying they accept the challenge followed by the pouring of the ice water over their heads. The person then gets to challenge other people to do the same. Those taking the challenge are supposed to donate ten dollars to ALS research or decline the challenge and donate one hundred dollars.

The ALS Association is the charity most associated with the ice bucket challenge and is the principal charity benefitting from it, having received over $100 million in donations since the challenge began. But what is it they’re funding? Christians taking the challenge and […] → Keep reading

Obamacare Ad Campaign: Women Are Sluts

I hesitated before writing about this, but I decided I would post it and not try to sugar coat it at all. The folks at the Thanks Obamacare campaign have put together a website to provide information on Obamacare. It’s a Colorado website created by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now Colorado Education. The name of the website is You read that right; it says ‘do you got;’ not ‘do you have.’ But were they to leave it at that their website probably wouldn’t be getting so much attention. In addition to the atrocious grammar they’ve also created an ad campaign showing different people with different reasons to have health insurance. The ad below is one of them. The creators of this ad; the promoters of Obamacare; are not even being subtle about telling women to get their insurance, get their birth control and go be sluts. Apparently, Sandra Fluke is the left’s ideal woman. Be a […] → Keep reading

Homosexual Assault On Business: Marginalizing Morality

Over a year ago I wrote a post about the homosexual assault on businesses who refuse to provide services when doing so would violate their moral or religious beliefs. Lately I have been seeing many, many more instances of this. Determined to force their lifestyle on those who don’t approve of it, lawsuits and official complaints seem to be the order of the day for the homosexuals. They can always count on judges and local officials who sit on human rights commissions to back them up in their quest to punish businesses who don’t welcome their depravity.

The latest I’ve read about is a florist in Richland, Washington being taken to court by the State Attorney General, who is seeking $2,000 in penalties. And what did this florist do to bring down the wrath of the state? Based on her religious beliefs she declined to provide flowers to a same-sex marriage ceremony.

In just a few minutes I was able […] → Keep reading