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Jeb Bush to Establishment: I’m One of You

It’s becoming apparent that Jeb Bush has decided to run for President. He’s been the GOP establishment’s top choice since Chris Christie destroyed his own chances with his childish bridge-closing scandal. And now Bush is signaling to the establishment that he’s willing to play ball with them and ignore the desires of the conservatives. Last Friday he made a speech to business leaders in Florida and said that illegal immigrants are “risk takers” who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of America. This has to be music to the ears of people like John Boehner and John McCain, both of whom are pushing strongly for immigration reform, which is just code for legalizing illegal immigrants.

Miami Herald – Bush has advocated for pathways to citizenship and residency for illegal immigrants, enhanced border security and immigrant tracking technology and an emphasis on admitting immigrants based on the nation’s needs, not family relationships with current U.S. citizens.

Bush said immigrants capture the entrepreneurial spirit […] → Keep reading

MSNBC: Blacks Are Second Class

Those on the left have always made themselves the self-appointed authorities on all things where race can be injected. By them, of course. And now that includes a photo of Mitt Romney, his wife and their grandchildren. In case you missed it, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has issued an apology to the Romney family after a panel on her show mocked Romney for the fact that one of his grandchildren is black. They laughed as a ‘comedian’ joked that the baby is the only one in a sea of white – just like the Republican Party. Harris wrote in her apology that “the intent of featuring the photo was to celebrate it.” And if you believe that you’re probably still believing that you can keep your health plan if you like it. CNN Analyst Marc Lamont Hill also jumped in, saying, “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture, that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black […] → Keep reading

Election Results – Economic Conservatism Won Big

I will freely admit disappointment over the election results this past Tuesday. It was not the outcome I wanted or expected. But, after some reflection I have come to realize the conservative ideology I believe in was not rejected by the voters. In fact, it was embraced. Further explanation is likely needed here.

Some readers of my blog may be unaware of the meaning behind the name I selected – OK Politechs. I received a message once asking if I thought that the politics of the day were ‘okay’. No, the OK in my blog title is for Oklahoma, where I have lived all my life and where the true winner in Tuesday’s election became clear, that being true economic conservatism.

On a national level it’s no secret that the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, was no conservative. He’s one of the liberals in the party who masquerades as something more palatable. Compared to Obama, he may have seemed like the […] → Keep reading

Military Flag Officers Endorse For President

The Examiner had an article yesterday detailing the endorsements from top military brass that Romney and Obama have both received. The lists are very telling. Head over to The Examiner to read the full article, but all you really need to see is the lists below.

Obama Endorsements

General Wesley Clark, USA , (Ret.) General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.) Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret.) Admiral Donald Gutter, USN, former JAG of the Navy, (Ret.) Admiral John Nathman, USN, (Ret.)

Romney Endorsements

Admiral James B. Busey, USN, (Ret.) General James T. Conway, USMC, (Ret.) General Terrence R. Dake, USMC, (Ret.) Admiral James O. Ellis, USN, (Ret.) Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, USN, (Ret.) General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, (Ret.) General Tommy Franks, USA , (Ret.) General Alfred Hansen, USAF, (Ret.) Admiral Ronald Jackson Hays, USN, (Ret.) Admiral Thomas Bibb Hayward , USN, (Ret.) General Chuck Albert Horner, USAF, (Ret.) Admiral Jerome LaMarr Johnson, USN, (Ret.) Admiral Timothy J. Keating, USN, […] → Keep reading

On President Romney’s First Day…

Although the outcome of the election next Tuesday is not certain, it’s appearing more and more likely that Mitt Romney is going to be elected the 45th President of the United States. On his first day in office he needs to hit the ground running and immediately begin correcting the devastation caused by Obama & crew. Here’s a brief list of things he should do on his first day on the job.

1. Sign the repeal of Obamacare, which Congress should have on his desk before the end of the day. Priority number one.

2. Meet with the leadership of the House and Senate and make plans for cutting personal income and business taxes.

3. Demand Congress pass a budget. Congress hasn’t passed a budget in four years.

4. Call Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and assure him Israel has the support of the United States, emphasizing a joint approach in dealing with Iran. But don’t apologize for the last four […] → Keep reading

100 Reasons to Vote for Romney and Against Obama

Bob Ewoldt at Brevis has a list of one hundred reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and against Barack Obama. Just in glancing at the list I was overwhelmed with the complete failure of the Obama presidency and all the destruction and corruption he has facilitated in the last four years. And yet, there are still millions of people who think he is wonderful and want him to have another four years. I just don’t understand the thinking of those people. I’ve selected from the list five reasons to vote for Romney and five reasons to vote against Obama. There are so, so many reasons to boot Obama that it was difficult to choose the five against him. If you want to read the entire list please use the link at the bottom to head over to Bob’s page.

13. Solyndra. The recipient of $500 million in a sweetheart deal ended up in bankruptcy. An epic waste.

21. Paul Ryan. […] → Keep reading

The Murderous Left: Emulating the Taliban

There seems to be a growing number of threats lately on Twitter and other social media outlets to riot, assassinate, murder or firebomb conservatives or Republican candidates. Most of these threats are directed at Mitt Romney but there have also been threats directed at other conservative candidates or even people simply using social media to promote conservative ideals. Launching a hate-filled, profanity laden diatribe is nothing new for the left, but the influx of death threats and promises to assassinate are becoming disturbingly common.

Many news outlets have been reporting the threats against Mitt Romney, quoting mostly Twitter users in their criminal threats of assassination. The Examiner has many examples. Here are a few:

“I wana shoot mitt Romney (sic),” threatened “Brick Chaney.” “Someone shoot Mitt Romney,” tweeted “bow_Tye.” “Ruaridh Pond” wrote: “Someone needs to shoot Mitt Romney. I’d pay d**n good money.” “[S]eriously,” tweeted another user, “Mitt Romney needs to die.” User “Gavin” expressed hatred for Mormons and said […] → Keep reading

Obama’s Media Protection

For almost four years now Barack Obama has lived under the protection of the media. They have shielded him, propped him up, deflected blame for him, lied for him and given him a free pass on everything he has done and everything he has not done.

The millions he and Michelle have spent on lavish vacations at taxpayer expense. The unemployment numbers. Oil, natural gas and coal production. Energy independence. Taxes. Immigration. Obama has failed in all these areas and more, without one word of criticism from the media. His signature accomplishment, Obamacare, was passed without a single Republican vote and was lauded by the media as a wonderful accomplishment when even Nancy Pelosi said we won’t know what’s in it until it’s passed. Had the media done their jobs and reported the truth about the bill, Congress would not have dared pass Obamacare for fear of being tarred and feathered when they returned home to their constituents. Some almost […] → Keep reading

Obama Alienates Black Christians

Barack Obama cannot be reelected without the black vote and it appears there is some doubt that voting bloc will come through for him as they did in 2008. In 2008, for the first time in history the percentage of black citizens who voted was higher than that of the general population, outpacing all Americans by 2.6% There can be no doubt the reason for this was the presence of a black nominee on the ballot. Being black is what got him elected, with 96% of the black vote going to Obama.

Obama won the largest share of white support of any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976. Four years later, he is polling in around 40 percent of white voters, which would be a historic low for a winning candidate if he’s reelected. No Democrat has won the white vote since 1964. With such a huge drop off in white support Obama will need to have the […] → Keep reading

Mormonism A Problem for Romney? JFK Says No

It’s becoming more apparent that Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is going to be a campaign issue. The Democrats will quietly see to it that their friends in the media continually remind America that Romney is a Mormon. They know there are votes to be had. According to a Gallup poll last summer, 18 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Democrats would oppose a Mormon candidate.

The right-wing Christian voting bloc has long been in the Republican camp and with an incumbent who a lot of people believe is secretly a Muslim, the Democrats know they need to convince the Evangelicals that voting for a Mormon would be a mistake.

Richard Land, a Southern Baptist Convention leader, has said he believes the media will “run detailed specials, now that we have the first Mormon nominee for president: ‘What does the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe?’ And they’re going to go into all the beliefs of Mormonism, hoping […] → Keep reading