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Obama’s Pay Cut: Publicity Stunt for the Stupid

While the Democrats and the media tell the public every day that the sequester is destroying the country, Obama the Emperor continues to spend, spend, spend on lavish vacations at taxpayer expense.

His recent Hawaii vacation alone cost at least $4 million with some overall estimates being five times that amount when expenses such as advance teams are factored in. The cost for the Obama daughters’ spring break vacation to the Bahamas and Michelle Obama’s skiing vacation are not known yet but typically include 25 or more Secret Service agents and accompanying costs; all at taxpayer expense.

Vacationing at taxpayer expense is nothing new to the Obamas. Since Obama took office in January 2009 the Obama family has racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Their vacations have included:

February 2013, Michelle and daughters ski trip February 2013, Obama to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods December 2012, Obama in Hawaii for vacation over Christmas March […] → Keep reading