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The Atheist Assault On Public Prayer

In my previous post I detailed the assault on churches that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has undertaken with its lawsuit against the IRS. The FFRF was upset that the IRS wasn’t investigating churches for allegedly violating the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits non-profits from endorsing political candidates or issues. The FFRF settled the lawsuit and is apparently satisfied with the new procedures put in place by the IRS for dealing with churches, details of which both sides are declining to disclose. And now the FFRF has decided to go after public prayer at restaurants. No, they can’t stop people from praying over their food at a restaurant (not yet, anyway) but they apparently do have enough scare-power to put a stop to a restaurant in North Carolina giving random discounts to people for praying before dining.

For several years now, Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, NC has been allowing servers to give 15% discounts at their discretion to customers […] → Keep reading