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Farewell Wallace Collins – Oklahoma GOP Will Miss You

Oklahoma Democrats held their statewide convention this last weekend, at which time they selected a new chairman to lead the Democrats in the state. Mark Hammons beat former Vice Chair Dana Orwin, 306-216, to assume the position formerly held by Wallace Collins.

Ahhh, Wallace Collins. The Democratic Party in Oklahoma has taken a shellacking under his leadership. A post I wrote two years ago is a good summary of the ‘success’ Democrats have had with Collins as chairman.

OK Politechs May 19, 2013 – In a piece of great news for Oklahoma Republicans this weekend, Wallace Collins was reelected chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Collins was first elected to the position in 2011 and Oklahoma Democrats have taken a beating ever since, even from their own chairman.

Since Collins became chairman, Democrats have lost every statewide elected office, lost seats in the state House and the Senate, Obama failed to win a single county in the presidential election and […] → Keep reading