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Random Thoughts

Family events have kept me away from blogging far too long. I hope to be posting regularly from this point forward.

In the past few days I have jotted down some random thoughts on various subjects and it occurred to me that my list had the makings of a ‘positions post.’ These simple statements define my positions on multiple subjects and hopefully paint an extremely conservative picture of how things could be better in this country.




1. Abortion is murder. 2. Homosexuality is an abomination. 3. Welfare is legalized thievery. 4. The federal government has no right to be involved in education. It’s a local issue. 5. The U.S. military should always be the largest, best trained, best equipped force in the world. 6. Sending billions overseas in foreign aid is not in our best interests. 7. Illegal immigrants should be rounded up and expelled. No exceptions. 8. Executions that take years to happen are travesties […] → Keep reading