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Oklahoma Homosexual Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Yesterday a federal judge struck down Oklahoma’s ban on homosexual marriage as unconstitutional. Judge Terrence Kern, appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994, said that “moral disapproval of homosexuals as a class, or same-sex marriage as a practice, is not permissible justification.” He also noted that protecting the sanctity of marriage wasn’t a valid reason for the ban due to Oklahoma’s high divorce rate and that encouraging procreation was also invalid since opposite-sex couples aren’t required to promise to procreate in order to get married. I take umbrage with the divorce argument, so often used by supporters of homosexual marriage. The fact that there are many opposite-sex couples who do not value their marriage enough to not seek a divorce is no reason to further erode the sanctity of marriage. But, destroying the sanctity of marriage has been on the liberal agenda for years and this is just one more battle to fight.

Judge Kern also issued a stay preventing […] → Keep reading