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Jeb Bush to Establishment: I’m One of You

It’s becoming apparent that Jeb Bush has decided to run for President. He’s been the GOP establishment’s top choice since Chris Christie destroyed his own chances with his childish bridge-closing scandal. And now Bush is signaling to the establishment that he’s willing to play ball with them and ignore the desires of the conservatives. Last Friday he made a speech to business leaders in Florida and said that illegal immigrants are “risk takers” who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of America. This has to be music to the ears of people like John Boehner and John McCain, both of whom are pushing strongly for immigration reform, which is just code for legalizing illegal immigrants.

Miami Herald – Bush has advocated for pathways to citizenship and residency for illegal immigrants, enhanced border security and immigrant tracking technology and an emphasis on admitting immigrants based on the nation’s needs, not family relationships with current U.S. citizens.

Bush said immigrants capture the entrepreneurial spirit […] → Keep reading

Nancy Pelosi and The Gavel

Nancy Pelosi has announced she will run again for House minority leader. At a news conference to make the announcement she apparently forgot who has the gavel. “Yesterday we did not have the majority, but we have the gavel,” Pelosi said. She quickly corrected herself and said, “Excuse me, we don’t have the gavel. We have our own gavel! We have something more important, we have unity. We do not have the gavel, we do not have the majority, but we do have unity.”

When the Republicans took control of the House two years ago there was a short video made of Pelosi handing over the gavel to John Boehner, the new Speaker. Trust me, you want to see this.