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Reverand Wright: Tea Party Is Lynch Mob 2.0

Earlier this week, Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke to a crowd in Wilmington, DE at a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast and said that one branch of the Tea Party is nothing but a 2.0 upgrade of lynch mobs. He decried the opposition to President Obama, parroting the leftist mantra that anyone who disagrees with Obama is obviously a racist.

Delaware Online – “Tell your children we have some unfinished business on the agenda with the voting rights bill gutted by a right-wing dominated Supreme Court … with mass incarceration robbing black and brown communities of any positive future … with jobs being shipped overseas … with one branch of the tea party being nothing but a 2.0 upgrade of the lynch mobs … with some folks doing everything they can to get that black man out of their White House.”

Many in the largely black crowd of more than 400 people gave Wright a standing ovation and dozens swarmed […] → Keep reading