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Homosexuals vs. Religious Business Owners

I have hesitated before writing about the homosexual vs. religious business owners debate again, but it is getting far too much attention for me to not weigh in one more time. I’m referring to the debate over the Arizona bill that would expand the rights of businesses to refuse to provide services when doing so would be a violation of religious beliefs. Senate Bill 1062, or the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” was prompted by homosexuals in New Mexico filing a complaint against a photographer who refused to take photos of their same-sex wedding because of her religious beliefs. Naturally, Democrats, civil rights groups, homosexuals and Hollywood celebrities who think their opinions matter are all up in arms about the bill and making ridiculous claims that it would legalize denying gay people service at restaurants, refusing them medical treatment or even allow people to break nearly any law and claim religious freedom as a defense. As LD Jackson said over at […] → Keep reading