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Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm to Announce U.S. Senate Run?

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm has teased a ‘Special Announcement’ on Twitter, scheduled to be made on Tuesday, September 28 in Broken Arrow, OK.

While the subject of the announcement is not being previewed, it has been learned that the website was created on September 20th. The only entry on the site is a message about the announcement and a link to RSVP on another site. Was this domain created for a U.S. Senate campaign or is it a holdover from his campaigns for the Oklahoma Senate?

A run for the U.S. Senate in 2022 would mean that he would be going against incumbent Senator James Lankford in the Republican primary. The timing of this is interesting because if he defeats Lankford in the primary he would most likely win the general election against whatever sacrificial candidate the Democrats field against him. If Lankford wins the primary, Dahm would still retain his State Senate seat for another two years. […] → Keep reading

Rep. James Lankford’s Surprising Votes

Ashe Schow at Heritage Action for America very kindly alerted me to their legislative scorecard, released last September, and it appears the scorecard is continually updated as important votes are taken in Congress.

After reviewing the scoring for Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation, I was greatly surprised that Rep. James Lankford scored only 78% as of this post. Rep. Lankford was elected as a fiscal conservative and in town hall meetings, two of which I attended, he continually emphasized the need to get debt and spending under control. Some of his votes are in conflict with that need.

The rest of Oklahoma’s delegation scored as I would have expected, with Senator Coburn scoring the highest from our state. The only positive thing about the voting from Reps. Lucas and Cole is that they are slightly better than the Democrats who used to be elected from those districts in years past.

Here are some of the votes for Rep. Lankford that puzzle me:

[…] → Keep reading

Notes From Rep. James Lankford Community Forum

Rep. James Lankford, Oklahoma’s 5th District Representative held a community forum yesterday evening at the Eastern Oklahoma County Vo-Tech with around 60 people in attendance. Rep. Lankford took a few minutes to go over some basic budget facts and figures, then spent the bulk of the 90 minute forum answering questions from attendees.

The items discussed and asked about the most were the national debt, the deficit and the Bush tax cuts. There were three obvious liberals who attended and hammered Lankford hard on the Bush tax cuts. One man was extremely agitated and, after his own question was asked and answered, he continually interrupted Rep. Lankford while he was answering other questions and kept coming back to the same theme of taxing the rich; making sure they pay their ‘fair share’. Eventually, others in the audience were getting visibly frustrated with this man and one woman finally let loose on him, saying “Why don’t you stop trying […] → Keep reading