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Oklahoma – Second Worst

The website (never heard of it before today) has released a list of the worst five states for women. Oklahoma is the “second worst” on the list.

And what is it that the maker of this ridiculous list harps on most in choosing Oklahoma as “second worst” in the nation? Abortion.

“Choice is extremely limited in Oklahoma, where 96 percent of counties have no abortion provider and there are only six such doctors in the entire state. Health insurance companies are banned from covering the procedure (except in cases of rape, incest or threat to the mother’s life). Women seeking an abortion have to wait 24 hours after undergoing a sonogram where they will be offered a chance to view the fetus and are required to listen to a description of the image on the screen. The state legislature is working to limit choice even further. The state Senate recently passed a Personhood bill that gives legal personhood rights […] → Keep reading