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American Public Schools: Teaching the Death Cult of Islam

In Kenya there are currently 68 dead and 175 injured. In Pakistan there are 78 dead and scores injured. In Iraq there are 65 dead and at least 120 injured. ‘Radical’ Islamists have killed at least 211 people this weekend with car bombs and attacks on a church and a mall. The ‘religion of peace’ has reared its ugly head again, demonstrating for the millionth time that the so-called religion of peace is, in reality, a cult of evil and death. To be sure, there are some Muslims who are peaceful and it is the militants who are labeled as ‘radical.’ But, as pointed out in a comment on Political Realities, since the Koran does call for the killing of ‘infidels’, the true radicals are the ones who are peaceful. The cult of Islam calls for the butchering of all non-believers. Truly, a ‘religion’ to be despised and reviled.

But, here in the United States, it is Christianity that is […] → Keep reading