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The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

It has been nearly impossible to miss all the talk of impeaching President Obama. Many conservatives, including Sarah Palin, are strongly advocating for impeachment, while Speaker of the House John Boehner and others have come out against it. A CNN poll released last week shows that a third of the American public believes Obama should be impeached. To my mind, the desire to see Obama impeached has grown out of the anger people have for his abuse of power, his disastrous policies and his refusal to enforce immigration laws. At one time I was on the impeachment bandwagon myself, but have come to realize that impeaching Obama would be the wrong thing to do, for several reasons.

Just in the last few days, the Democrats seem to be hoping for impeachment. Dan Pfeiffer, senior advisor to the president, told the press last Friday that impeachment should not be considered a long shot. He said that Boehner’s lawsuit has “opened the […] → Keep reading