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The Greatest Movies Ever Made

I had a recent discussion with a coworker about what constitutes a great movie. Every person’s opinion on that will be different, but I do have my own opinion on it, so I’m writing about it. From my perspective, a great movie is devoid of everything that will typically earn it an R rating. Excessive or graphic violence, nudity, sex, and foul language are all disqualifiers. There have been many, many great movies come out of Hollywood over the decades that had none of these things. But, it seems to be a rare movie these days that has a great story to tell, doesn’t include filth, and isn’t ninety percent computer-generated imagery (CGI). It must not be possible anymore to make a movie without CGI because it seems like just about every movie is filled with it. One of these days, actors and actresses may even find themselves in the unemployment lines as computer-generated actors and actresses are used to […] → Keep reading

Tax Rebates for Filmmakers – Bad Legislation

Less than two months ago the Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill that renewed a tax incentive program designed to attract filmmakers to Oklahoma. It had to be voted on twice in the House before being passed and was highly criticized by some lawmakers.

“Aren’t we just reimbursing movie stars who come to town for their motel and meals?” asked Rep. James Lockhart, D-Hartshorne.

“If you could bring the whole city of Hollywood here … I wouldn’t want them,” said Rep. David Dank, R-Oklahoma City.

Tulsa World – Dank and others argued that there is no proof the program helps the state’s economy.

Supporters say it is both good exposure and a sound investment.

The film rebate is one of the smaller business-incentive programs the state offers. Capped at $5 million, it reimburses filmmakers for one-third of qualified expenses — generally money spent in the state for payroll, goods or services.

Cast salaries qualify only if the actor is Oklahoma-based.

Reportedly, […] → Keep reading

Hollywood Garbage: Non-Stop

Hollywood turns out garbage. It used to be that movies were made that had good stories, were family friendly and didn’t need a rating system because they were all relatively clean. Now it seems movie studios compete to see who can make a movie with the most profanity, the most nudity or the most violence. Gone are the days when motion pictures told great stories and made going to the theater an event. It used to be, around seventy-five years ago, that people would dress for the occasion. Women would put on one of their best dresses and men would wear a coat and tie. These days, it’s getting harder all the time to find people who will even dress that way when they go to church. But, I digress. Also gone are the days when the movie stars simply made their movies and didn’t jump on social media or the latest popular talk shows to bash conservatives or those […] → Keep reading

Hollywood and Obamacare Propaganda

I do not watch much television and almost no network television. Among the many reasons are the themes and quality of the shows that are broadcast these days. The immorality, homosexual glorification, nudity and language have intensified in recent years. I believe we are fast approaching the day when the licentiousness of society will cause the Standards and Practices departments for networks to allow virtually anything to be broadcast.

And now another reason to not watch network television is looming. Abby Goodnough of the New York Times has a piece on the California Benefits Exchange in which some of their propaganda plans are mentioned. The California Benefits Exchange is the exchange set up by the California state government to implement Obamacare.

The board of directors of the exchange sees their mission as an example for the nation, believing a successful rollout in California could convince other states with high numbers of uninsured residents that Obamacare can work for them. Toward […] → Keep reading