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Atheist Groups Threaten School Districts

A school in Midlothian, Texas, has angered local residents by submitting to the demands of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and covering up a pair of dedication plaques at two elementary schools. The superintendent of the school district, Jerome Stewart, said the plaques were covered due to their “questionable constitutional nature.” The content that generated a threatening letter from the FFRF was a pair of crosses and the words “God” and “Holy Christian Church.” Oh, the horror!

The plaques were posted at the Mt. Peak Elementary School and Longbranch Elementary School in 1997. The text of the plaques reads: “Dedicated in The Year Of Our Lord 1997 To The Education of God’s Children And To Their Faithful Teachers In The Name Of The Holy Christian Church – Soli Deo Gloria.”

Stewart says both plaques are currently covered and will eventually be replaced. Might I suggest that the new plaques be dedicated in the memory of the First Amendment right […] → Keep reading