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Rep. James Lankford’s Surprising Votes

Ashe Schow at Heritage Action for America very kindly alerted me to their legislative scorecard, released last September, and it appears the scorecard is continually updated as important votes are taken in Congress.

After reviewing the scoring for Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation, I was greatly surprised that Rep. James Lankford scored only 78% as of this post. Rep. Lankford was elected as a fiscal conservative and in town hall meetings, two of which I attended, he continually emphasized the need to get debt and spending under control. Some of his votes are in conflict with that need.

The rest of Oklahoma’s delegation scored as I would have expected, with Senator Coburn scoring the highest from our state. The only positive thing about the voting from Reps. Lucas and Cole is that they are slightly better than the Democrats who used to be elected from those districts in years past.

Here are some of the votes for Rep. Lankford that puzzle me:

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