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The Bundy Ranch and Harry Reid’s Thugs

I have hesitated to write about the Feds vs. Bundy Ranch until now. There has been so much reported about this situation that it has been difficult to gauge what the truth is about the land involved in this fiasco. Would this situation have even happened if Dirty Harry Reid wasn’t wanting to do a land grab so his son could finalize a deal with the Chinese and make a fortune? Not likely. After all these years of dispute between Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management, why now did they decide to swoop in with a small army of federal officers and helicopters in an attempt to get Bundy off the land in question? Of course everyone knows the answer now that the truth has come out about Reid & son, the head of the BLM (who worked for Reid for 8 years) and the Chinese. Their multimillion dollar deal to put solar panels on the land hit a […] → Keep reading

April Fools

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